Customized products

3 PLS 65 chuck
Mark the wedding rings

The key points at a glance

  • Rings do not need to be rough- or fine-adjusted
  • Ring clamping within 3 minutes
  • Light weight chuck made from aluminium with an elegant design
  • Circumference, total height and ring shape are irrelevant
  • No “deformation” or “scratching” by the plastic jaws

In detail

  1.  Ring sizes 45 mm – 75 mm (circumference) / total height 2 mm – 10 mm possible
  2.  Precision retainer with central anti-rotation
  3.  2-sets of reversible jaws with plastic prism
  4.  Self-locking trapezoidal spindle
  5.  Optional sprung spindle for small batch series
  6.  Interface chuck – machine with 3 fitting screws

Task / Application

Wedding ring inscribing in sizes ranging from 45 mm to 75 mm (circumference).

The rings are clamped centrically with the aid of the various retainers. These are subsequently removed by hand. Ring shapes, such as excentric or cubic rings, or those set with diamonds, can also be clamped. All rings can be positioned and fixed quickly, easily and without problem!

Can be used with inscribing machinery from all the popular manufacturers.
Amortisation possible through the quick set-up within the shortest time! Almost all shapes are possible with the three individually adjustable spindles.

Choose between three self-locking trapezoidal spindles or one spring spindle for small batch series.


Simply label or engrave wedding rings!