Fast clamping
with centered drilling

Ø160 / Ø240 / Ø320 / Ø400

0,06 mm

Fast clamping
with pin jaws

Ø125 / Ø160 / Ø240

0,06 mm

Form fit clamping
without magnetic field

Ø70 / Ø100 / Ø150

0,03 mm

The manufacture of precision mechanical components requires precise and exact machining. On the basis of these factors, we produce our clamping devices for this interesting and passionate industry.

For various applications such as eroding, grinding, labeling or turning, VK Systems clamping chucks are used. For example, stainless steel chucks of the DGS and UFS line are used for wire or sinker cutting. For the clamping of thin-walled components on lathing machines, our ring clamping chucks are used.

3 jaw chuck

6 jaw chuck

8 jaw chuck

Chuck with 1-set basic- and reversible top jaws for inside and outside clamping

Chuck with 2-set clamping jaws for inside and outside clamping