Clamping chuck 3 PLS 65
Inscribe wedding rings

Laser marking or engraving of wedding rings is very easy!
Clamping chuck 3 PLS 65

Key advantages

• Rings need not be straightened or fine-straightened
• Ring clamping possible within 3 minutes
• Clamping chuck lightweight aluminum construction with elegant design
• Circumference, height and ring shape are not relevant
• No “uneven clamping” or “scratching” with the plastic jaws

In Detail

1. Ring sizes 45mm – 75mm (circumference) / construction height 2mm – 10mm possible
2. Precision stop with twist-lock in the center/span>
3. 2 sets of reversible clamping jaws with plastic prism/span>
4. Self-locking trapezoidal thread spindle/span>
5. Optional springy spindle for small series/span>
6. Interface Chuck – machine with 3 locking screws

Task / Application

Labeling of wedding rings in the sizes 45mm – 75mm (circumference).
The rings are clamped centrically with the help of the different stops.

These are then removed by hand. Ring types such as diamond-studded, eccentric or cubic can be clamped.
All rings can be positioned and fixed in an easy uncomplicated and fast manner!

Can be used on labeling machines of all current manufacturers.
Amortization possible through fast retooling within a very short time!

Three individually adjustable spindles allow almost all shapes.
Optionally, three self-locking trapezoidal spindles or a springy spindle can be installed for small series.

Globalization has enabled us to procure many standard products worldwide. Components, assemblies and entire processes are outsourced or purchased. But what if standard is not good enough? VK Systems has made it a passionate task to create efficient, precise and feasible solutions. For example, high-precision workpieces with toothing on a turning and milling center with 0.005 mm repeatability precision are clamped in a reliable manner by means of a special chuck.